Chicken Sandwiches

There is a huge variety of different recipes made for chicken sandwiches because chicken is a very versatile meat. You can use it in just about anything, in almost any way you can imagine.

Why is that? Well, it’s because chicken really doesn’t taste like much on its own. Harmless and comforting.

It tastes like chicken! (I just had to say that…)

But that fact can be a good thing. It gives you the freedom to use almost any flavor you want to compliment it, without having to worry about it’s natural flavors clashing. You can use chicken with savory recipes, or spicy recipes, or even with sweet and sour ones.

Yes, really, even sweet chicken recipes! For example, in Japan, there is a dish called “Oyakodon” (“Two Flavored Rice”) with sweet chicken stewed in a flavorful sugary broth and sweetened eggs that are eaten over rice – and it tastes really good! (Hmm, maybe I’ll have to find a way to make a sandwich out of that.)

You can also use many different forms of chicken in your recipes. You can grill it and chunk it, or boil it and cube it, or saute it and slice it, or even fry it. You can buy slices of it from the deli, in several different flavors. And don’t get me started on marinating it, the possibilities are almost endless.

Another great advantage is that it’s incredibly lean, especially if you use the breast meat, so it’s a healthy protein choice.

If you are looking for lean meats to use for your sandwiches and are interested in alternatives to these recipes, you may also like our section on turkey sandwiches here.

Below are my favorite tasty chicken sandwich recipes. I hope you enjoy them!

Chicken Sandwiches

Tasty sandwiches created with chicken.

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