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Who makes tasty sandwich recipes?


My name is Sarah. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been able to work on this recipe blog! I’ve missed it a lot and am very happy to be back!

If you’re curious about me, please feel free to continue reading. Or, check out some great recipes I’ve posted listed on the left!

My husband and I recently moved back to Japan for work in Tokyo. And as we’ve finally settled in and began to feel at home again I’m eager to get back into posting more tasty sandwich recipes for us all to enjoy!

You can look forward to seeing more International Sandwiches now that I’m back in Japan. The Japanese Strawberry Cream Sandwich is very popular, so I look forward to sharing more exotic sandwich adventures with you.

I grew up in Kansas, but I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling and living in new locations, from studying in Buffalo, NY to waiting tables in Hawaii to co-founding a small web design business in Canada and, finally, to working in Japan for the second time.

I have degrees in math and physics, but am still searching for the career of my dreams. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying life’s journey along the way. I have too many interests and hobbies to name: from cooking to blogging to singing/songwriting to knitting and crocheting to learning new languages and programming, and, you get the point.

And I suppose you might be wondering…

OK, but why make a site about sandwiches??

One afternoon in Japan, while eating a BLT sandwich, I was researching possible topics for my website. I was doing my happy “I love this food” dance while eating my sandwich and said to my husband, “I should make a site about sandwiches.” Then it hit me – I should! So I checked out the keywords, and I was excited to find that there was demand for a sandwich site.

It was a perfect choice because I love sandwiches! Sandwiches make me happy. There are nearly infinite ways to mix and match their ingredients, so I never get bored. You could even say they represent freedom and adventure (two things I hold dear.)

They are also comforting – no matter where in the world I am, if I have a PB&J or a ham sandwich, I feel nostalgic and am reminded of home. In Japan, I love to eat sushi and miso soup as much as the next person, but sometimes I am lucky enough to have sandwich ingredients and it really helps when I feel homesick.

Besides, who doesn’t like a sandwich?

You can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner – even dessert!
If my husband didn’t mind it, I probably would. 🙂 

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Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae
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Intermediate Classic Club The classic club sandwich is a turkey sandwich with a BLT stacked on top of it - 2 sandwiches
Sarah D. 41 Recipes
Beginner Salmon Tea Sandwich Fresh lemon zest, capers and cream cheese? Yum!
Sarah D. 41 Recipes
Beginner Avocado Egg Salad Use avocado as a substitute for mayo and you get cool green egg salad sandwich yumminess.
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