Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Welcome to the vegetarian sandwich recipes!

Sandwiches with no meat or cheese?! That’s right.

In the past, when people were less creative and more rigid in their thinking, one would describe a sandwich as bread with meat or cheese filling. Well, that time can now be referred to as merely a dark age in sandwich history.

There are zillions of ways to make a delicious sandwich using simply vegetables on bread! My family and I have looked at them all.

Yes, we’ve scoured over a zillion different vegetarian sandwiches. (We actually started writing this page before time itself.) And we have picked out our favorite meatless recipes.

Our next project is to figure out how to also replace the bread with vegetables. And then the spreads with vegetables too. Perhaps with baby carrots connected together with toothpicks… no, that won’t work. Eggplant slices? Hmm.

Anyway, why not start with trying our recipe for the Vegetarian Fajitas?

Or, have a look at our other recipes below.

These recipes are written as vegetarian recipes, so I tried to avoid adding any animal products, such as cheese. However, cheese is pretty tasty on most of these recipes. It’s up to you if you’d like to stick to the recipes, or feel free to have fun and tweak them to be your own creations. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me! Or, just let me know which veggie sandwich recipe is your favorite.

Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Tasty vegetarian sandwiches created with vegetables.

Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
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Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
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