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Intermediate Classic Club The classic club sandwich is a turkey sandwich with a BLT stacked on top of it - 2 sandwiches
Beginner Avocado Egg Salad Use avocado as a substitute for mayo and you get cool green egg salad sandwich yumminess.
Beginner Turkey Sub A turkey sub is low fat, filling, delicious, and healthy!
Beginner Turkey Tomato Panini The turkey tomato panini melt is a super delicious sandwich you can make in almost no time.
Intermediate Monte Cristo Sandwich Take a French-inspired sandwich adventure with a Monte Cristo sandwich - a hot twist on the classic ol' ham
Intermediate Reuben Sandwich The Reuben sandwich has a powerful savory flavor!
Intermediate Tuna Melt Tuna is an awesome light, lean meat. And when combined with cheese is hard to beat!
Intermediate Vegetarian Fajitas These vegetarian fajitas are so healthy and extremely delicious at the same time! I love this recipe because with
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