International Sandwiches

Around the world flavors

Let’s go on an exciting trip around the world to discover international sandwiches!

There are many American sandwiches covered throughout this site. But for this section, let’s take a look at some of the exotic varieties from all over the world. What new creations and ideas can we find from all corners of the globe?

In North America, we love sandwiches – from the classic ham sandwich to the chicken salad sandwich.

We take sandwiches to school with us as children. We take them to work for our sack lunch. We serve small versions of them to our friends at parties. And we take them out with us on picnics, too.

Most of us are very familiar with our favorite sandwich recipes. But did you know there are countless new and exotic ways to make a sandwich, just waiting to be discovered?

I love trying to recreate in my own kitchen the flavors that I’ve encountered while traveling and exploring new cultures. I’ve been collecting ideas for sandwiches for a few years, and I hope you enjoy giving them a try!

We’ll visit Australia for a Vegemite sandwich for breakfast. Then take off to Greece for a delicious Gyro lunch. Then we’ll hop over to England for some afternoon tea and tea sandwiches. For dinner, let’s enjoy a French Dip with beef au jus. Then let’s have a dessert Strawberry Cream Sandwich in Japan! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an awesome vacation to me. 🙂

Take a look to the left, or below to sample these international recipes.

Where shall we go today?

International Sandwiches

Tasty sandwich recipes from around the world.

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