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Welcome to our collection of healthy sandwiches!

I love using sandwiches as a way to eat healthier foods. They have such a balance of food groups, from grains to proteins to vegetables – and endless combinations that taste great.

There are so many reasons to eat healthy, and there are even more healthy recipes to be made. With the right breads and toppings, these sandwiches could be just the thing to help you to feel, and look, your best!

Are you watching your weight? Is your body your temple? Are you a contestant on The Biggest Loser? (Mention my site on the air, please.) Do you want an tasty way to eat healthier?

The trick to a nutritious sandwich is to maximize the flavor, fiber and nutrition, without resorting to ingredients that only serve to add fats and needless simple carbohydrates into your diet.

Some tips for making a healthy sandwich:

-Keeping fiber in mind, use whole grains, rather than plain white breads. It will keep your blood sugar stabilized and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

-Use low fat versions of mayo and other condiments. Mustard is a great condiment! It has so few calories, but so much flavor! There are also many varieties of low fat or fat free salad dressings you can use. Or, go with the simple, but tasty extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper.

-Choose lean meats, like turkey, tuna or even lean roast beef, rather than salami. Or, skip meat and use an alternative, such as lentils, hummus, nut butter or tofu.

-Use a low fat cheese, such as parmesan – it’s super low fat, but incredibly flavorful! There are also many low fat versions of cheeses you can find at your grocery store.

-Pile on as many vegetables as you can fit into the sandwich!

Have a look at the recipes below for healthy alternatives to your favorite sandwich recipes.

Healthy Sandwiches

Healthy and tasty sandwich recipes.

Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
Beginner Avocado Egg Salad Use avocado as a substitute for mayo and you get cool green egg salad sandwich yumminess. Read More
Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
Beginner Turkey Sub A turkey sub is low fat, filling, delicious, and healthy! Read More
Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
Intermediate Vegetarian Fajitas These vegetarian fajitas are so healthy and extremely delicious at the same time! I love this recipe because with it I can indulge in one of my favorite foods and feel virtually guilt free. Read More
Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
Beginner Healthy Turkey Sandwich Turkey is a great place to start for a healthy sandwich. It's low in fat and has a lot of natural flavor, especially when compared to chicken. Read More
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